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Sound Pro.
Be Heard.


When you’ve already spent hours and hours shooting footage and recording dialog, you want to make sure that your audience’s ears match their eyes.

In other words, you want it to sound as good (or better!) than it looks. When you send in your project for mixing, we’ll make sure that every single word is heard, and not a single moment of screen-time goes to waste.

That means that if there’s an opportunity for a sound effect or music cue that can further carry your story, we’ll make sure to make the appropriate suggestions so that you can make the best possible decisions for the final cut.

The Process

Sound Repair

  • Every single word of dialog will be analyzed and leveled up so that each word is heard.

  • The sonic quality of each line will be carefully treated to match the tone of the scene.

  • All unwanted noise will be removed or repaired (clipping, static, rustle of clothing).

  • ADR may need to be recorded if a dialog is irreparable. This occurs when there is too much distortion, clipping, RF (wireless) static, clothes rustling, etc.

Sound Effects

  • Overlooked sound effects will be added according to the desired level of realism by the director.

  • Remember: the audience is only using 2 of 5 senses when they experience your work. It’s important we make the most out of the available senses.

Sound Design

  • All dialog, foley, ambience and sound effects will be placed in their appropriate sonic space in accordance with the scene.

  • Creative sonic suggestions will be made depending on the flow from scene to scene, shot to shot, angle to angle.


  • All dialog, music, and sound effects will be mixed and balance to the specifications of the director and production team

Bed Music/Stings/Transitions/Scoring

  • Bed Music – This is normally a pre-recorded composition or recording that will match the pace of a specific scene or scenes.

  • Stings/Transitions – Brief musical clips of 2-5 seconds that can represent a number of on-screen changes or events.

  • Scoring – A specialized composition unique to your work that follows your story arc, and may contain themes for characters, settings, and moods throughout the work.