Steve Mecca's entry for the Spitfire Audio Westworld Film Scoring Competition

A sort-of "cerebral" approach was taken for this score. Instead of giving individual charachters their own "themes", time signatures were used to differentiate between the exterior (7/8) and interior (5/8) of the vehicle. Many traditional elements such as strings and horns were used. The percussion was a basic electronic drum sample set to keep the scene moving. There were a select few special spots used for Caleb's "genre change" and for the smart missile sequence.  At the end, the two adversaries converge for a final standoff. For this, the combined time signature of 7+5/8 was used to give the scene a much needed climax. So much fun to work on this scene!


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Tales from the Creepery - A New Scripted Podcast

Tales from the Creepery is a new series of scary, mysterious, and funny stories by author, Richard Curtis. It's first season, in podcast form, will premier October 4th, 2020 and will feature voice actors Megan Simard, Mandy Leigh Thompson, Constantine Pappas, Mil Nicholson, Gary Bullock, and Peter Dicthter. 

Due to the constraints brought on by COVID-19, the podcasts was done in a non-linear fashion where each part was recorded separately, in different locations. This called for rigorous editing to maintain pacing and tone dictated by the script. Sound FX and other sound design elements were added to further illustrate the story. Original music and scoring was also added to help accent specific moments.

Listen to the trailer at!

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We proudly contributed scoring, sound design, ADR, editing and mixing for the award winning web-series, Adult-ish from The Orphans Productions!

Adult-ish is filled with callbacks to the 90's. There are many original sound-alike's that we produced to help with punchlines and moments. The Lion King, Back to the Future, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Superman (not 90's), Super Mario Bros. were all influences of the many musical cues produced for The Orphans Productions. 

The sound design, editing and mixing were also a welcome challenge for this project.

Adult-ish went to win multiple awards at the Seoul Webfest and NJ Webfest!

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MEC MEDIA, LLC is run by Steve Mecca. A performer and artist at heart, Steve has made a 20 year career in music and media production in New York; both live and in the studio. 

We operate on the philosophy that without artists , there would be no need for what we do, which is why your vision as an artist is top priority when working together. 

Since 2016, MEC Media has contributed to a large number of podcast episodes, post production projects, virtual event productions, records, consults, co-writes, talent for hire work and and much more!

A few noteworthy projects:

Adult-ish Web-Series: Volume 3 -2016


Credits: Audio Post Production, sound design, and scoring on the


Bliss Consciousness - Bandit - 2014

Bliss Consciousness - Sleep Deprived, Calorie Deficient and Slowly Descending Into Madness - 2016

Ruthless Spectator on Amazon Prime - 2017

Credits: Audio Post Production, Scoring, Sound Design

Stardust, an adaptation of the Book, Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Songs written by Miriam Pultro -2019

Credits: Production, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering

First Virtual International Cultural Festival - 2020

Central Astoria LDC 

We look forward to bringing a personalized and polished final product to you and your team!




Bliss Consciousness

Ruthless Spectator

Miriam Pultro


Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour (2018)


Tales from the Creepery (Podcast)

The Orphans Productions

2020 Virtual International Cultural Festival

Carlos Seda

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