MEC MEDIA, LLC is run by Steve Mecca. A performer and artist at heart, Steve has made a 20 year career in music and media production in New York; both live and in the studio. 

We operate on the philosophy that without artists , there would be no need for what we do, which is why your vision as an artist is top priority when working together. 

Since 2016, MEC Media has contributed to a large number of podcast episodes, post production projects, virtual event productions, records, consults, co-writes, talent for hire work and and much more!

A few noteworthy projects:

Adult-ish Web-Series: Volume 3 -2016


Credits: Audio Post Production, sound design, and scoring on the


Bliss Consciousness - Bandit - 2014

Bliss Consciousness - Sleep Deprived, Calorie Deficient and Slowly Descending Into Madness - 2016

Ruthless Spectator on Amazon Prime - 2017

Credits: Audio Post Production, Scoring, Sound Design

Stardust, an adaptation of the Book, Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Songs written by Miriam Pultro -2019

Credits: Production, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering

First Virtual International Cultural Festival - 2020

Central Astoria LDC 

We look forward to bringing a personalized and polished final product to you and your team!



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